News and Events

The Regional Executive Committee for Youth had a council meeting at Good Shepherd Church, Bagdogra from 18th to 19th January, 2016.

The Youth Commission organized a Bible Quiz and Talent show Competition at Chetana from 30th to 31st January, 2016.

The Claretines celebrated Pongal Festival in the St. Claret School, Sahanagar on 12th January, 2016.

St. Claret School, Sahanagar, conducted a Burdwan District Inter-Schools Football Tournament on 9th January, 2016.

Loreto Convent School observed their Foundress Day as “Mary Ward Week” from 23rd to 30th January, 2016.

Loreto Convent School celebrates Silver Jubilee of their Teachers Mrs. J. George and Miss A. Dattani on 14th January, 2016.

The Annual Prize Distribution Day is organized by St. Joseph’s Convent Higher Secondary School, Chittaranjan on 29th January 2016.

THE TERESIAN CARMELITES SET UP A SPECIAL SCHOOL: The Congregation of the Teresian Carmelites (CTC) celebrated 150 years of their foundation on 20th February, 2016 with a solemn thanksgiving Eucharistic service and the inauguration of a newly built school known as Eliswan Kids.

HOLY CHILDHOOD DAY: Holy Childhood Day was celebrated on 14th February, 2016 with zeal and cheer at Kristo Jyoti Church, Kurmun.

REGIONAL PASTORAL COUNCIL MEETING IN ASANSOL: The Regional Pastoral Council meeting was hosted by the Asansol Diocese on 18th February, 2016 organized by Fr. Panneer Selvam, the Deputy Secretary to the Regional Bishops of West Bengal, with the help of local religious communities and lay people of Asansol.

SEMINAR ON HEALTH PROMOTION: On 30th January, 2016, a one day seminar was organized at Bishop’ House, Asansol. The seminar was conducted by the founding member of the Health Promotion Trust, Fr. Rocky Banz from the Archdiocese of Bombay.

ASANSOL DIOCESAN PRIESTS ANNUAL MEETING: The Asansol Diocesan Priests had their Annual Meeting at Jeevandhara, Raiganj from 11th to 13th January, 2016. Fr. Stephen S.J. was the resource person for the meeting and his session was on “The Role of Priests during the Jubilee Year of Mercy”.

Rev. Fr. Valerian Fernandes died on February 6, 2016 and buried at Sacred Heart Cathedral, Asansol on February 9, 2016. May his soul rest in peace!

Rev. Fr. Alwyn Fernandes died on January 4, 2016 and buried at Sacred Heart Cathedral, Asansol on January 6, 2016. May his soul rest in peace!

Birth Days

25 April 1982 Fr. Fr. Dipak Digal

05 July 1978 Fr. Nilu Murmu

10 May 1978 r. Bishu Besra

31 July 1986 Fr. Vincent Rony

29. Dec 1985 Fr. Abraham

14-Jan-1970 Fr. Dolphy Mathias

17-Jan-1966 Fr. Edward Louis

19-Jan-1975 Fr. Thomas Marandi

02-Feb-1972 Fr. Anthony Raj A.

04-Feb-1972 Fr. Clarence Bhaju

12-Feb-1980 Fr. Mangal Tudu

24-Feb-1958 Fr. Henry Rodrigues

04-Mar-1975 Fr. Devaraj A.

11-Apr-1945 Bishop Cyprian Monis

22-Apr-1980 Fr. Siluvai Kumar

02-May-1971 Fr. J. Peter

09-May-1948 Fr. Robert DSouza

13-May-1973 Fr. Anand Raj

15-May-1971 Fr. Harshavardhan Majhi

24-May-1976 Fr. Michael Dias

30-May-1975 Fr. Arbind Tirkey

05-Jun-1975 Fr. Avinash Kumar

07-Jul-1974 Fr. D. Antony

23-Jul-1967 Fr. Aruldass Lourdu

23-Jul-1975 Fr. Sebastian Joseph

04-Aug-1980 Fr. Britto De Stephen

06-Aug-1976 Fr. Martin Behara

15-Aug-1962 Fr. Elias Frank

21-Aug-1977 Fr. Roshan Suares

30-Aug-1975 Fr. Ananth Kumar

03-Sep-1950 Fr. Antony Lobo

03-Sep-1957 Fr. Ignatius Philo Sarto

09-Sep-1979 Fr. Rahul Sequiera

12-Sep-1968 Fr. Linus Toppo

14-Sep-1973 Fr. Wilfred Monis

17-Sep-1974 Fr. Jayabalan M. Raj

23-Sep-1952 Fr. Sebastian Rodrigues

25-Sep-1971 Fr. Rajsekhar Varre

01-Oct-1952 Fr. Lawrence R. Sah

03-Oct-1971 Fr. Thomas Tete

09-Oct-1972 Fr. Francis Badugu

14-Oct-1971 Fr. Stephen A. Toppo

26-Oct-1976 Fr. Arvind Kumar Negi

30-Oct-1947 Fr. Gerald Machado

31-Oct-1969 Fr. Wilson Fernandes

09-Dec-1956 Fr. Cyprian Pinto

20-Dec-1969 Fr. Xavier Pandian

25-Dec-1970 Fr. Irudaya Doss

Historical Milestone

Historical milestones in the Diocese from 1998 to 2015

Year Milestone
1998Creation of the Diocese
1999Community center at Gordanmari
1999Erection of Holy Family Parish, Nuta
1999Erection of Jisu Niketan Parish, Mokrampur
1999Erection of St. Martin’s Parish, Sahebdanga
1999Starting a Tribal Hostel at Raniganj
1999Starting St. Francis Xavier Nursery School, Andal
1999Construction of Community Center at Dak Bangla, Katwa
1999Blessing of Friends of Convent at Sahebdanga
2000Blessing of F.J. Convent at Jorja
2000Blessing of Claretian Centre at Barwa
2001St. Anthony’s Church Renovation at Burnpur
2001Convent of Sacred Heart Sisters at Chelidanga
2001Blessing of CTC Convent at Mokrampur
2001Blessing of Sacred Heart Convent at New Town, Burnpur
2001Starting of ST. Teresa’s School, Mokrampur
2002Blessing of MC Convent at Shantiniketan
2002Renovation of tribal Hostel at Joypur
2002Renovation of Presbytery at St. Teresa’s, Durgapur
2002Starting of Laghata Community Center
2002Construction of Community Center at Nuta
2002Erection of Marsal Sadan at Sahanagar
2002Blessing of Presbytery at Sahebdanga
2002Starting of Jisu Hriday Convent at Laghata
2002Blessing of Community Hall & Laity Center at Sahanagar
2002Blessing of Asha Deep Community Center, Channa
2002Construction of Community Center & Presbytery at Dhitpur
2003Blessing of Christo Jyoti Community Center, Kurmun
2003Inauguration of Rosa Mystica School at Jamuria
2003Blessing of the newly built church at Joypur
2004Blessing of Bambino Sisters Convent, Kurmun
2004Foundation of OCD House of formation
2004Starting of Loreto Novitiate, Asansol
2004Starting of Apostolic School, Asansol
2004Starting of F.J. Novitiate at Asansol
2004Blessing of St. Maria Goretti School, Jyotinagar, Kalipahari
2004Construction of tribal Hostel at Jhantipahadi
2004Blessing of “CHETANA” Human Resource Development Center, Jhinguti
2004First Diocesan Youth Convention
2004Blessing of Bolpur Hostel for tribal Boys
2004Servite sisters’ ministry begins in Sahebdanga
2005Blessing of Community Center and St. Joseph’s School, Katwa
2005Blessing of Flos Carmeli Ashram, Lakurdi, Burdwan
2005First “First profession of Friends of Jesus Sisters”
2005Inauguration of Claret Vidyapeeth, Sahanagar
2005Arrival of Sisters of Province in Asansol
2005Starting of Community Center at Galsi
2005Blessing of Mother Teresa C.C., Dakbangla
2007Blessing of St. Joseph’s School, Jazigram
2007Blessing of Nirmal Hridaya Church, Ahamadpur
2008First BCC Regional Convention
2008Arrival of Marist Brothers in Asansol Diocese


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