News and Events

The Regional Executive Committee for Youth had a council meeting at Good Shepherd Church, Bagdogra from 18th to 19th January, 2016.

The Youth Commission organized a Bible Quiz and Talent show Competition at Chetana from 30th to 31st January, 2016.

The Claretines celebrated Pongal Festival in the St. Claret School, Sahanagar on 12th January, 2016.

St. Claret School, Sahanagar, conducted a Burdwan District Inter-Schools Football Tournament on 9th January, 2016.

Loreto Convent School observed their Foundress Day as “Mary Ward Week” from 23rd to 30th January, 2016.

Loreto Convent School celebrates Silver Jubilee of their Teachers Mrs. J. George and Miss A. Dattani on 14th January, 2016.

The Annual Prize Distribution Day is organized by St. Joseph’s Convent Higher Secondary School, Chittaranjan on 29th January 2016.

THE TERESIAN CARMELITES SET UP A SPECIAL SCHOOL: The Congregation of the Teresian Carmelites (CTC) celebrated 150 years of their foundation on 20th February, 2016 with a solemn thanksgiving Eucharistic service and the inauguration of a newly built school known as Eliswan Kids.

HOLY CHILDHOOD DAY: Holy Childhood Day was celebrated on 14th February, 2016 with zeal and cheer at Kristo Jyoti Church, Kurmun.

REGIONAL PASTORAL COUNCIL MEETING IN ASANSOL: The Regional Pastoral Council meeting was hosted by the Asansol Diocese on 18th February, 2016 organized by Fr. Panneer Selvam, the Deputy Secretary to the Regional Bishops of West Bengal, with the help of local religious communities and lay people of Asansol.

SEMINAR ON HEALTH PROMOTION: On 30th January, 2016, a one day seminar was organized at Bishop’ House, Asansol. The seminar was conducted by the founding member of the Health Promotion Trust, Fr. Rocky Banz from the Archdiocese of Bombay.

ASANSOL DIOCESAN PRIESTS ANNUAL MEETING: The Asansol Diocesan Priests had their Annual Meeting at Jeevandhara, Raiganj from 11th to 13th January, 2016. Fr. Stephen S.J. was the resource person for the meeting and his session was on “The Role of Priests during the Jubilee Year of Mercy”.

Rev. Fr. Valerian Fernandes died on February 6, 2016 and buried at Sacred Heart Cathedral, Asansol on February 9, 2016. May his soul rest in peace!

Rev. Fr. Alwyn Fernandes died on January 4, 2016 and buried at Sacred Heart Cathedral, Asansol on January 6, 2016. May his soul rest in peace!

Birth Days

25 April 1982 Fr. Fr. Dipak Digal

05 July 1978 Fr. Nilu Murmu

10 May 1978 r. Bishu Besra

31 July 1986 Fr. Vincent Rony

29. Dec 1985 Fr. Abraham

14-Jan-1970 Fr. Dolphy Mathias

17-Jan-1966 Fr. Edward Louis

19-Jan-1975 Fr. Thomas Marandi

02-Feb-1972 Fr. Anthony Raj A.

04-Feb-1972 Fr. Clarence Bhaju

12-Feb-1980 Fr. Mangal Tudu

24-Feb-1958 Fr. Henry Rodrigues

04-Mar-1975 Fr. Devaraj A.

11-Apr-1945 Bishop Cyprian Monis

22-Apr-1980 Fr. Siluvai Kumar

02-May-1971 Fr. J. Peter

09-May-1948 Fr. Robert DSouza

13-May-1973 Fr. Anand Raj

15-May-1971 Fr. Harshavardhan Majhi

24-May-1976 Fr. Michael Dias

30-May-1975 Fr. Arbind Tirkey

05-Jun-1975 Fr. Avinash Kumar

07-Jul-1974 Fr. D. Antony

23-Jul-1967 Fr. Aruldass Lourdu

23-Jul-1975 Fr. Sebastian Joseph

04-Aug-1980 Fr. Britto De Stephen

06-Aug-1976 Fr. Martin Behara

15-Aug-1962 Fr. Elias Frank

21-Aug-1977 Fr. Roshan Suares

30-Aug-1975 Fr. Ananth Kumar

03-Sep-1950 Fr. Antony Lobo

03-Sep-1957 Fr. Ignatius Philo Sarto

09-Sep-1979 Fr. Rahul Sequiera

12-Sep-1968 Fr. Linus Toppo

14-Sep-1973 Fr. Wilfred Monis

17-Sep-1974 Fr. Jayabalan M. Raj

23-Sep-1952 Fr. Sebastian Rodrigues

25-Sep-1971 Fr. Rajsekhar Varre

01-Oct-1952 Fr. Lawrence R. Sah

03-Oct-1971 Fr. Thomas Tete

09-Oct-1972 Fr. Francis Badugu

14-Oct-1971 Fr. Stephen A. Toppo

26-Oct-1976 Fr. Arvind Kumar Negi

30-Oct-1947 Fr. Gerald Machado

31-Oct-1969 Fr. Wilson Fernandes

09-Dec-1956 Fr. Cyprian Pinto

20-Dec-1969 Fr. Xavier Pandian

25-Dec-1970 Fr. Irudaya Doss





History :

Fr. Jaques, SJ settled down in Asansol in 1873 and acquired some land. The Church was blessed on Christmas night in 1876. St. Maria Goretti School for Hindi speaking girls was started in 1949 as there were already English medium schools for English speaking people, viz. St. Patrick’s and Loreto Convent. In 1975, St. John’s Social Center was built at Chelidanga and in 1979 it was made and independent centre. Sacred Heart Church became the Cathedral of the Diocese of Asansol when His Holiness Pope John Paul II erected Asansol as the diocese bifurcating it from the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Calcutta. Fr. Van renovated it in 2005.

Personnel Fr. Lawrence Sah Parish Priest
Rel. Inst. Loreto Convent, G. T. Road, Asansol
Edu. Inst. St. Joseph’s Primary School, G. T. Road, Asansol
Lay. Assoc. Parish Council, S. V. P., Youth Association
Soc. Act. Health Centre,G. T. Road, Asansol

Personnel Fr. J. Peter Curate
Rel. Inst. St. Maria Goretti Convent, G. T. Road, Asansol
Edu. Inst. St. Joseph’s High School,G. T. Road, Asansol
Soc. Act. Fatima School, G. T. Road, Asansol

Rel. Inst. M. C. Sisters, S. B. Gorai Road, Asansol
Edu. Inst. St. Patrick’s School,G. T. Road, Asansol

Rel. Inst. St. Margaret Convent, Jyotinagar
Edu. Inst. Loreto School, G. T. Road, Asansol

Rel. Inst. Sisters of Providence Convent, Jyotinagar
Edu. Inst. St. Maria Goretti Primary School, G. T. Road, Asansol

Rel. Inst. St. Maria Goretti Convent, S.B. Gorai Road, Asansol
Edu. Inst. St. Maria Goretti H.Sec.School, S.B.Gorai Road, Asansol

Rel. Inst. Christian Brothers, S. B. Gorai Road, Asansol
Edu. Inst. St. Maria Goretti School, Jyotinagar, Govindnagar

Edu. Inst. Sisters of Providence School, Jyotinagar

Edu. Inst. Bishop’s School ,G.T. Road.Asansol.

Edu. Inst. M.C. Sisters’s School,G.T. Road Asansol




History :


Personnel Fr.: Anthony, D Priest in- Charge
Rel. Inst. St. Joseph’s Cluny,Laghata
Edu. Inst. St. Joseph’s Cluny,Ahmadpur

Personnel Fr. Mongal Tudu Curate
Rel. Inst. Providence Sisters Ahmadpur




History :

St. Philomena’s church was built in 1938. St. Philomena’s School was started in 1947 for the Hindi speaking children. Earlier it was looked after by the priests of Durgapur. From 1986 onwards the responsibility to look after the spiritual needs of the sub-station fell on the pastors of Sacred Heart Church, Asansol. A grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes and St. Francis Xavier Nursery were built in 1998 by Fr. Lawrence Pinto with the help of Berg Parish, Austria. In April 1999 it was bifurcated from Asansol and made a quasi-Parish. From Dec.3, 1998the patronage of the Church was changed to St. Francis Xavier.

Personnel Fr. Xavier Pandian Parish priest
Rel. Inst. Daughters of St. Anne, Andal & Jamuria
Sub Centers Raniganj and Ukhra
Edu. Inst. St. Philomena’s School, Station Road, Andal
Lay. Assoc. Parish Council, Mahila Sangh

Personnel Fr. Roshan Suares, Curate,Principal of St. X. F. School
Edu. Inst. St. Francis Xavier School,Andal.

Edu. Inst. Kristo Jayanti Ashram, Raniganj

Edu. Inst. Rosa Mystica School, Jamuria




History :

Though Fr. Mangal Das, S. J. wanted to start a house in Bankura in 1980, he could not identify a suitable and accessible place. Finally in 1990, he bought land near the river at Bankura town and started a hostel for school students in a small shed in July 1991. Fr. P. C. Mathew S. J. bought more land in 1993 and fenced the area. Fr. Mathew developed the center living in a small shed. In 1996 a well furnished boarding was constructed a/5.0 )>S׉E

Personnel Fr. Probal Gomes, SJ.
Edu. Inst. Loyola Jayanthi Boarding

Edu. Inst. Pilgrim Road, Keashiakole P.O. Bankura




History :

Fr. Charles Poncelet S. J. visited Bolpur in the 1950’s from Burdwan. From May 1981, Bolpur division was looks after by the Salesian Fathers from Joypur, Suri and a plot of land was bought at Makrampur by Fr. Cyriac Sdb for developing a centre. In 1993, the Salesian Congregation handed over Bolpur subdivision to the Archdiocese of Calcutta and Fr. Valerian Fernandes took care of the Mission. He did a great pioneering job. After six months of wandering Mr. Swapan Ghosh offered him a room to stay. The spiritual need of the people made him move to Phuldanga village where Mrs. Myno Soren offered him a house. For three years the successive priests stayed there and celebrated Eucharist there in a make shift tent. Fr. Robert D’Souza moved to the newly built community Center which was blessed by Bishop Cyprian Monis, on 7th Feb. 1997. It was erected into a Parish on July 4th. 1999, and Fr. R. Robert D’Souza was installed as the first Parish Priest.

Personnel Fr. Wilfred Monis Parish Priest
Rel. Inst. Jesuit Community, Ratanpalli, Shantiniketan
Sub Centers Doranda, Gangadarpukur
Edu. Inst. Jesuit Regional Theologate, Ratanpalli
Lay. Assoc. Parish Council
Soc. Act. General & T. B. Dispensary, Weaving,

Personnel Frs. Rahul Sequiera & Vincent Rony Curates
Rel. Inst. Friends of Jesus,Prantik, Bondanga
Edu. Inst. Jisu Niketan Tribal Hostel Makrampur
Soc. Act. Asansol Welfare Society & Carmel Dispensary

Rel. Inst. M. C. Sisters, Shantidhan, Purbapalli, Shantiniketan
Edu. Inst. Friends of Jesus Novitiate, Bondanga
Soc. Act. Educational Sponsorship, Self Help Groups

Rel. Inst. Carmel Bhavan, Makrampur (CTC)
Edu. Inst. St. Teresa’s School,Makrampur

Edu. Inst. Avila Girl’s Hostel,Makrampur




History :

From 1865, Burdwan was regularly visited by priests from St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta. The present chapel was built in 1870 mainly for the railway staff then living in Burdwan at the land donated by the Raja of Burdwan. From 1880 to 1884 the Burdwan municipality office functioned from here for Rs. 25/-monthly rent. Raja Bijoy Chand Mahatab erected a marble alter in the same chapel in 1904 which adorns the alter even to this day. In 1960s Fr. Mangal Das S.J. while teaching in St. Xavier’s Burdwan, took keen interest in the vast mission field. Later as the Parish Priest of Kalna he visited Burdwan regularly. He invited the Daughters of St. Anne Sisters in the ministry and also built a convent for them. In 1970s Fr. Fredrick D’Souza began a hostel for the tribal boys. He also built a Catechetical Centre. On 9th March 1980 Burdwan was erected into a Parish. The Daughters of St. Anne sisters moved out of the church premises in 1988 to a more spacious land at Ballidanga, donated by the Society of Jesus. At Sacred Heart Church a new hostel building was constructed in 1991.

Personnel Fr. Linus Toppo Parish Priest
Rel. Inst. Jesuit Community, Salbagan
Edu. Inst. St. Xavier’s School, (Co-Ed) H.S, Burdwan
Lay. Assoc. Parish Council, Manjhi Committee, C.A.B., Youth
Soc. Act. Hostel for boys and girls,Balidanga

Personnel Fr. Bishu Besra Curate
Rel. Inst. Carmelite Fathers (OCD), Lakurdi
Edu. Inst. St. Anne’s Primary. School, Balidanga
Lay. Assoc. Association Cemetery Committee
Soc. Act. Chetna Boys Hostel Jhinguti

Rel. Inst. Daughters of St.Anne,Balidanga
Soc. Act. Asansol Burdwan Seva Kendra Burdwan

Rel. Inst. Sisters of Charity of Jesus & Mary, Salbagan
Soc. Act. Chetna Human Resouce Dev.Centre Jhinguti

Rel. Inst. Missionaries of Charity, Lakurdi
Soc. Act. Community Care Center Jhinguti

Rel. Inst. Marist Brothers Jhinguti
Soc. Act. General Dispensary Jhinguti

Soc. Act. Educational Sponsorship and AWS Burdwan




History :

Fr. Poncelet, S. J. started the building of the Church in 1949. The church was blessed in 1951 and was erected into a parish on July 30th, 1967 with Fr. G. Coutinho as the first parish priest. Bishop Monis blessed the foundation for the new renovated Church building on March 12, 2000.

Personnel Fr. Tony Lobo Parish Priest
Rel. Inst. Daughters of Charity Burnpur
Sub Centers New Town
Edu. Inst. St. Anthony’s Nursery School, Burnpur
Lay. Assoc. Parish Council, Mahila Sangh

Rel. Inst. Sacred Heart Sisters,New Town
Edu. Inst. St. John’s School, New Town, Burnpur




History :

St. John’s Social Centre is a Centenary Memorial of Sacred Heart Church, Asansol, built by Fr. John Dubois S. J., assisted by Fr. R. Drugman S. J., in 1975. In 1979, Fr. John Noronha was appointed as the first Director of the Centre with Fr. Hansel D’Souza as Priest –in-Charge. On 2nd April1986 it was declared a Parish with Fr. Reggie Fernandes as the first P. P. the foundation for the new church was laid on 27th Dec., 1989 during the tenure of Fr. James A. Sengol. The new church was blessed on 1st May, 1991 by Archbishop H. D’ Souza of Calcutta. A Grotto was built by the side of the church in 1995 and a separate Bell Tower was erected in 1996 by Fr. Cyprian Pinto.

Personnel Fr. Martin Behera,Parish Priest
Rel. Inst. Pavitra Hridaya Nivas, Chelidanga
Lay. Assoc. Parish Council, Liturgical Committee, Mahila Sangh, Altar Boys Association, Asansol Welfare Society, Cemetery Committee, Youth Association, SCC

Personnel Fr. Nilu Murmu Curate

Personnel Fr. Gerry Machado Curate

* Chenna Beldanga


Asha Deep Center

History :


Personnel Fr. Varghese Vanissery, MSFS Parish Priest
Lay. Assoc. Mahila Sangh,
Soc. Act. Self Help Groups

Personnel Fr. Francis Peeturuthil, MSFS Curate
Lay. Assoc. Youth Association
Soc. Act. Group Tuition

Personnel Fr. Alois Boregaon Curate




History :

The Parish Centre began with the ncoming of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery who started the St. Joseph’s Convent High School in 1952 to nserve the Christian community of the town. In 1952 the General Manager of & lt;

The Parish Centre began with the coming of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery who started the St. Joseph’s Convent High School in 1952 to serve the Christian community of the town. In 1952 the General Manager of the Eastern Railways had allotted land for the school on condition that the school would also be open to the members of the Railway community. A further plot of land was given to the Archdiocese by the Railways and the Archdiocese at its own cost and with assistance of donor agencies put up additional structures and buildings for the purpose of the school. In 1980the Apostolic Carmel sisters took over the school from the Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery. A Hindi medium school was too opened on the premises given by the Railways in 1954. In 1990 at the expiry of the contract with the Apostolic Carmel Sisters, the Sisters of the Little Flower of Bethany took over the administration of St. Joseph’s Schools. During the tenure of Fr. Godfrey Fernandes a church was built in 1995 and it was erected a parish in 1996.

Personnel Fr. Irudaya Doss Parish Priest
Rel. Inst. Bethany Convent,Chittaranjan
Edu. Inst. St. Joseph’s Convent H. School Chittaranjan
Lay. Assoc. Parish Council, Mahila Sangh & Youth Association

Rel. Inst. M. C. Old Age Home,Rajbari, Mihijam
Edu. Inst. St. Joseph’s C. Hindi Priamary School, Chittaranjan




History :

Dhitpur is the cradle of Kalna Parish with Fr.\r\nPoncelet S.J. setting there in a hut in 1958. Fr. Siluvai S. J. who succeeded\r\nhim shifted to Kalna in 1963 as a more central place in the territory of the\r\nParish, with good communication and educational facilities. The M. C. Brothers\r\ncompleted the building starred by Fr. Poncelet and built another building to\r\nhouse some handicapped boys. In 1994 they left due to shortage of personnel and\r\nthe DSA sisters came in bringing with them a resident chaplain who could also\r\ntake care of the pastoral care of the Catholics of the North Kalna Parish in\r\nPurbastholi and Katwa blocks. In 1996 the Third ORDER Regular of St. Francis (TOR) Fathers were invited by Bishop Cyprian\r\nMonis, the then Auxiliary Bishop of Calcutta However, with the departure of TOR\r\nFathers in September 1998 the Mission is taken care from Sacred Heart Church,\r\nBurdwan\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n

Personnel Fr. Anthony Raj Priest in-Charge
Rel. Inst. Daughters of St. Anne
Edu. Inst. Hostel for Boys & Girls
Lay. Assoc. Parish Council
Soc. Act. Group Tuitions, Self Help Groups, AWS




History :

 When the barrage at Durgapur was being built with twelve new factories, Fr. R. Drugman S. J., came in from Asansol in the week-ends and celebrated the Holy Mass for Catholics in clubs and private houses in different places and later on at Benachitty school. He obtained ground from A.B. B. authorities for St. Xavier’s School, for Carmel School and for the church. After getting a place for the church Fr. Stevens S. J. came from Bangalore to draw up a plan for a circular church at City Centre. Durgapur was erected into a parish in January 1968 with Fr. Y. de Steenhault S. J. as the first Parish Priest baseURL�;SuL

Personnel Fr. Raja Sekhar Parish Priest
Rel. Inst. St. Xavier’s, A.B.L.Township
Edu. Inst. St. Xavier’s Sch. .A. B.L.Township
Lay. Assoc. Parish Council & St. Teresa’s Assoc. of Women

Personnel Fr. Thomas Marandi Curate
Rel. Inst. Carmel Convent M.A. M. C.
Edu. Inst. St. Xavier’sPrimary Sch. Mirabai Road
Lay. Assoc. Mahila Sobha, Youth, SVP. A.W.S, Altar Boys

Rel. Inst. Carmel Convent, Gurunanak Road
Edu. Inst. Carmel School, 2/8 Gurunanak Road

Rel. Inst. M. C. Sisters D-40, Ispatpalli
Edu. Inst. Carmel School, M.A.M. C.




History :

In the beginning MSFS Fathers started at Asha\r\nDeep Centre, Channa. Later on, it was broaden by constructing St. Francis De\r\nSales community Centre, Galsi East. \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n

Personnel Fr.: Aloyis, MSFS Parish Piest,
Rel. Inst. St. Francis De Sales Community Centre, Galsi
Lay. Assoc. Mahila Sangh, Youth Association
Soc. Act. Self Help Groups, Group Tuition

Personnel Fr. Varghese Vanissery, MSFS Curate
Rel. Inst. Asha Deep Centre, Channa- Sub-Station.




History :

 A small chapel was built in 1986 for the seven families of the village. Mr. Joseph Soren was put in charge of the place as catechist. Soon vested interest surfaced and brought down the chapel 12 years after the chapel was brought down, there were 113 families including the catechumens in the area. Thus a separate centre looked inevitable. In November 1996, Fr. Valerian Fernandes, the Parish Priest of Burdwan purchased a plot of land in the view of building a sub-centre. Most of the land, however, was a large water tank. In 1997the pond was deepened with the monetary help of friends of Fr. Elias Frank in Cessalto, Italy and the land was leveled to cultivate. Sr. Beena of Friends of Jesus, along with a candidate started staying at Gordanmari in a house donated by Mr. Paulus Soren from April 1996. On 19th August 1999 a convent house at Norja village for Friends of Jesus Sisters and on 8th September1999 a community centre at Gordanmari was blessed by Bishop Cyprian Monis 

Personnel Fr. Francis Badugu Priest in-Charge
Rel. Inst. Friends of Jesus, Norja
Edu. Inst. St. Joseph’s Non-Formal Coaching Centres.
Lay. Assoc. Parish Council, Mahila Sabha, Youth Group
Soc. Act. CMHS, Grain Bank, ‘Ruakoak Samity’




History :





History :

 By a letter, dated Dec. 6. 1979, Cardinal Lawrence Picachy S.J., the then Archbishop of Calcutta, requested the Salesian Provincial to explore the possibility for apostolic work in Birbhum Dist. A house was purchased at Suri, the capital town of the District. In January 1983 the boarding for the boys was started at Joypur and another boarding for the girls in Feb. 1985. They reside at Joypur Don Bosco Ashram and study at the Govt. Primary School. There are 18sub-centres and Catholics attend services at these Mass Centers. The Teresian Carmelits sisters came in April 1987. The sisters help in the work of catechesis and supervise the girls’ hostel. It was erected into a Parish in 1989

Personnel Fr. Peter Marandi, SDB Parish Priest
Rel. Inst. Carmel Bhavan, Seorakuri
Lay. Assoc. Parish Council, Mahila sangh, Kurus Vir, Youth Association
Soc. Act. Don Bosco Boys’ Boarding, Joypur.

Personnel Fr. Kisan, SDB Curate
Rel. Inst. Don Bosco Welfare Centre
Soc. Act. Carmel Bhavan, Girls Boarding, Joypur




History :





History :

Fr. Francis Siluvai started Kalna in 1963, a centre from which communication would be easier. Kakna became a Parish in 1967 while the Bambina sisters who had been visiting the villages of the area opened a convent and girl’s boarding in 1966 and English medium school in 1983. Fr. Mangal Das S. J. during the two decades he spent as the Parish Priest of Kalna, built up a literate community and made the Church present among the Santhals of the area though a whole range of hard work with the assistance of Catechists, Brothers, Sisters and students.


Personnel Fr. Arul Joseph, SJ Parish Priest
Rel. Inst. Society of Jesus, Christo Seva Ashram
Edu. Inst. Holy Child School, Kansaripara (K.G. to class IV, English Medium)
Lay. Assoc. Parish Council, ‘Manjhi Hadam Association
Soc. Act. Hostel for Boys & Girls, St. Gerosa Dispensary & UDAYANI Social Centre

Personnel Fr. Curate & Asst. Dir. Of Udayani Social Centre at Kalna
Rel. Inst. Sisters of Charity, Jisu Sadan, Jewadhara.




History :


Personnel Fr. Avinash Kumar.




History :

A house was bought in June, 1990. Fr. Raymond Soren TOR, began to reside the from October, 1990. A community Hall was built on top of the house to hold Liturgical services and was inaugurated on February, 14th 1993.

Personnel Fr. Clarence Bhaju Priest-in-Charge
Rel. Inst. Sisters of Charity, ECL Hospital
Sub Centers Sodpur and Sanctoria
Edu. Inst. Disergarh Primary School, Sanctoria.
Lay. Assoc. Youth Group, Mahila Sang, Sodpur Adivasi Association.

* Kurmun


Kristo Jyothi Asharam, Kurmun.

History :


Personnel Fr. Britto Stephen Priest in-Charge
Rel. Inst. Sisters of St. Anne. Kurmun
Soc. Act. Despensary, Coaching Center




History :

Fr. Mangal Das S. J. was appointed to explore the possibilities of starting a center in Bankura district in February 1980. He started the evangelization work through non-formal education. On 17th June, 1980, Fr. A. Carvalho S. J. joined him and both stayed in Mirga village in a hut rented by a Santhal. In Frburary 1958, 11 bighas of land was bought at Mirga for the non-formal school and Mass Center by Fr. Carvalho S. J. In September, 1985 a boarding was started in a newly built house by Fr. Mangal Das S. J. Presently Fr.M. Das has 7 boarding cum non- formal schools in the area.

Personnel Fr. Eric Tigga, SJ
Rel. Inst. Non-Formal Education Centres cum Boarding at Mirga(1985), Hasanapahari(1995), Bankura(1996), Jhantip




History :

A plot of land at Nuta village for a Church was bought by the then parish priest Bishop Cyprian Monis. A shed with asbestos was built as a temporary measure and blessed by Archbishop Henry D’Souza in December 1997 a boarding was started. In 1998, a new convent and the hostel building were built. The sisters of Providence of Gap took over the responsibility of the hostel but stayed for three years only. After their departure in 1991, the Carmelite Sisters of St. Teresa took over the responsibilities. In 1993, Fr. Valerian Fernandes was appointed as the first Priest-in-Charge of the place. He also bought more land t Nuta on which the present presbytery stands.

Personnel Fr. Wilson Fernandes Parish Priest
Rel. Inst. Carmelite Sisters of St. Teresa
Edu. Inst. Holy Family Primary School
Lay. Assoc. Parish Council, Mahila Sangh, Youth Group
Soc. Act. Holy Family Hostel for girls, (I-X) & Boys, (I-V), Group Tuitions in villages, Holy Family Clinic, Tailoring, Knitting and Batik Training Centre, Educ

Personnel Fr. Arvind Tirkey Curate
Edu. Inst. Holy Family English Medium School




History :

 Fr. Ignaciusmuthu, Cmf Staying in Kalna from 1998 looked for a suitable place to start a centre in Memari area. Finally he identified Sahanagar, a catholic village to start his apostolate in 1999. Later Fr. Michael Pandian also joined him to live in a small hut to explore the possibility for the Claretians

Personnel Fr.: Maurice Kullu, CMF Superior
Rel. Inst. Friends of Jesus
Sub Centers Barwa, Sealmara & Maheshpur
Edu. Inst. Claret English Medium School
Lay. Assoc. Manjhi Samiti, Claretian Collaborators, Women’s Association, SCC
Soc. Act. Claret Hostel for Boys & Girls, Village Schools

Personnel Fr. Kaspar Principal of the School

Personnel Fr. Thomas Curate




History :

The Mission at Sahebdanga was founded by Fr. Poncelet S. J. in 1954 in view of making it a Centre between Bandel and Asansol as there were no parishes between these two. He built a small chapel dedicated to the Virgin of the poor. After Fr. Charles Poncelet’s departure to Dhitpur in 1957, Sahebdanga was looked after from Asansol, Kalna and Burdwan consecutively. Later Fr. Frederick D’ Souza built a more spacious mud chapel and also tried to revive the spirit of the faithful. The mission sprang to life after the arrival of the ‘Friends of Jesus sisters’, a secular institute led by Sr. Josephine Hansda, at the invitation of the Fr. Valerian Fernandes in Aug. 1991. The church was renamed as Holy Cross Church in 1993. A concrete church building was built and blessed by Mgr Francis Gomes on 31st May, 1994. The foundation stone for the church building was blessed by Fr. Poncelet S. J. the name however, changed once again to St. Martin’s as the church is dedicated to St. Martin of Tours

as for the donor’s intention. On 6th June 1994 Fr. Elias Frank began the Asha Kiran hostel, with 25 children. It was erected into a Parish and Fr. Tony Lobo was installed as the first parish priest on June on 13th 1999. The Convent of the ‘Friends of Jesus’ was blessed on 21st Dec. 1999 by Bishop Cyprian Monis.

Personnel Fr.: Jeyabalan Parish Priest
Rel. Inst. Friends of Jesus (Secular Institute), Sahebdanga
Sub Centers Garrison Church, Panaghar
Edu. Inst. Asha Kiran Hostel
Lay. Assoc. Parish Council, Youth group
Soc. Act. Non-formal Education, Model Agricultural Farm, AWS & St. Aloysius Dispensary

Personnel Fr. Deepak Kumar Digal curate
Rel. Inst. Servite Sisters (OSM) Bud Bud




History :


Personnel Fr. Sebastian Joseph Priest in-Charge
Rel. Inst. Bethany Convent Sulantu
Edu. Inst. Bethany School Sulantu, (English Medium)




History :

 In the early fifties Fr. Charles S. J. went around this area to sow the Word of God. The tribals from Santal Pargansa and Bangladesh were the first ones to accept the word of God. However, some of them were already baptized in their native place. They concealed their identity as Christians to avoid persecutions. The need to educate their children brought them to Kalna Parish. Once the contact was established Frs. Beckers and Carvalho visited them regularly. In the recent past Fr. Wattenyne S. J., from Dhitpur and Fr. Valerian Fernandes from Burdwan helped them to find Christ in a deeper way. In 1994 it was made a separate centre and initially celebrated Eucharist on every Friday at Srikanda village and later on Saturdays. As the people had lived in abandoned railway property Fr. Valerian helped them to buy land and build houses thus making them stable. Liturgical services were held in the open, in a makeshift tent under a blackberry tree until a spacious hall was built by Fr. Lancy D’Souza and inaugurated by Bishop Cyprian Monis on May27th 1999.

Personnel Fr. Stephen Toppo Priest-in-Charge
Rel. Inst. Friends of Jesus
Edu. Inst. Non-formal and Adult Educational Centre
Lay. Assoc. Parish Council, Small Christian Community
Soc. Act. Asansol Welfare Society, Self Help Groups and Tailoring and Knitting Center

Personnel Fr. Michael Dias Curate, Headmaster
Edu. Inst. St. Joseph English Medium School

Personnel Fr. Michael Dias Curate, Headmaster
Edu. Inst. St. Joseph English Medium School

Edu. Inst. Vocational Training School




History :

 Started in 1965 on the land given by the Government for the patients

of Hansen’s disease. From 1968 the M. C. Sisters started to stay there.

A priest was appointed to celebrate Eucharist for the Sisters and also to look after the

patients spiritual needs.

Personnel Fr. Edward Louis
Rel. Inst. Missionaries of Charity Sisters